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NEWS: Mindbrowse to Host 'Taboo by Context' Live Panel Discussion

The live studio session, “Taboo by Context — Mainstream Sex and Violence, Adult Entertainment and the Social Consequences of Selective Production Standards,” will consider the impact of selectively enforced mainstream and erotic production standards.

The event will be held in Los Angeles on Wednesday, Jan. 11, at 1 p.m. (PST), a the at XBIZ 2017 conference, and Live Tweeted at #SexTalkTuesday, with a Periscope Broadcast @SsshForWomen.

SYNOPSIS: "Between self-determined production codes and extra-industry standards, hardcore erotic content cannot touch on certain themes seen in mainstream programming. This impacts both the adult industry, as well as wider society. Panelists will explore the effects of selective production standards — from distribution and billing to implications regarding free speech, creative expression and interpersonal social connections."

Mindbrowse live-panel discussion events are directed and produced by Sssh.com founder Angie Rowntree (@AngieRowntree), a pioneering producer and director of porn for women. The events are moderated by sociologist and author Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals (@DrChauntelle), who serves as the Mindbrowse series’ collaborative organizer.

A man screams as he’s subject to a viscous, bloody pegging/murder. A brother rapes a sister when she refuses to have consensual sex. These are the types of scenes featured in popular mainstream content today. “You see it in ‘Game of Thrones’ — sexual themes that would never be explored in porn. You see it in ‘The Walking Dead’ — violence that would never be showcased in porn,” Tibbals explains. “And yet somehow, it’s adult entertainment that’s censored, corralled and generally stigmatized.

“Like any sort of double standard, selective production standards have a very real impact on both the production community and the viewing public,” she says. Tibbals says that she is excited to explore this highly important topic, from the deleterious impact that comes from creating “bad” media to the vast array of social ails that come directly from our culture’s love/hate relationship with porn. “I’m especially excited to uncover the more ‘unseen’ spaces and impacts of discrimination, [including] distribution, processing, traffic and more,” Tibbals adds. “Though to an untrained individual these dimensions might not seem sexy or significant, these dimensions are actually some of the pillars shoring up the pen that delineates porn from everything else.”

Rowntree says there are countless ways that people perceive the same theme and even the exact same manner of depiction, completely differently in the context of porn than they do if they see it in a mainstream production. “Whether it’s an HBO program, an arthouse film or a Hollywood blockbuster, these works are in many ways given leeway to explore darker and more difficult sexual territory, even in a sexually-explicit fashion, so long as the end result isn’t considered ‘hardcore porn,’” Rowntree says. “As a director of adult films, it’s a double standard I find troubling from a creative standpoint, as it hampers my range and limits my options when I’m crafting storylines and developing characters.”

Among the session’s speakers are Penthouse’s Kelly Holland (@Penthouse), attorney Karen Tynan (@KarenAttorney), director/producer Dee Severe (@SevereSociety), NETbilling’s Wendy Nelson (@NETbilling ) and mainstream film critic William Bibbiani (@WilliamBibbiani).

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MindBrowse is a Production of Sssh.com, The Web's Premiere Porn for Women and Couples site.

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MindBrowse is a place where the adult entertainment industry’s ideas go to grow up. Here, various notions are debated, discussed, turned inside out, parsed and reassembled. It’s a place where people talk about issues that affect everyone involved in porn, from the corporate executives who pay for its creation to the men and women who perform in it – and the fans who watch it. Put more prosaically, MindBrowse is a site that hosts live videoconferencing discussions of compelling and challenging topics. For each discussion, we assemble a panel of speakers with diverse backgrounds and opinions encouraging a ranging and balanced discussion of each topic with audience participation via Twitter (#SexTalkTuesday) or on SexTalkTuesday.

“Porn has reached a point where it’s just part of the broader cultural landscape now, so this isn’t just a discussion to be had by the industry and its critics” Angie Rowntree (@AngieRowntree) founder of sssh.com and producer of Mindbrowse said. “We’re giving porn’s fans and detractors a voice in the discussion too.”

MindBrowse is a Production of Sssh.com, The Web's Premiere Porn for Women and Couples site.

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