Next talk: "Feminism and Porn: Can They Coexist?" Late September Details TBA
Moderated by Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals.

To acquire knowledge, one must study...*To acquire wisdom, one must observe.

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"Feminism and Porn: Can They Coexist? Date TBA

Moderated by Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals. is presented by - The Web's Premier Porn Site for Women & Couples



MindBrowse is a place where the adult entertainment industry’s ideas go to grow up. Here, various notions are debated, discussed, turned inside out, parsed and reassembled. It’s a place where smart people talk about issues that affect everyone involved in porn, from the corporate executives who pay for its creation to the men and women who perform in it – and the fans who watch it, too.

Put more prosaically, MindBrowse is a site that hosts live videoconferencing discussions of compelling and challenging topics. For each discussion, we assemble a panel of speakers with diverse backgrounds and opinions encouraging a ranging and balanced discussion of each topic. Topics include:
  • Women in Porn: Shattering the Myths (July 22nd, 3pm EST), with Kelly Holland (Penthouse Managing Director), Cindy Gallop (MakeLoveNotPorn), Ashley Fires (Clips4Sale Spokeperson), Frederick Lane (author and lecturer), and moderated by sociologist Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals.
  • An intimate conversation with Nina Hartley and Ernest Greene.
  • Feminism and Porn: Can They Coexist? Late September Details TBA

Get involved! Each time MindBrowse holds a new discussion, we’ll establish a Twitter hashtag that you can use to contribute thoughts and questions of your own. is presented by - The Web's Premier Porn Site for Women & Couples.


An Intimate Conversation With Nina Hartely and Ernest Greene

Women In Porn - Shattering The Myths

Coming up late September.

"Feminism and Porn - Can they coexist?" moderated by Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals.

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